Chef Day, is a French and Italian gourmet cuisine trained Chef from Haiti. Trained under the direct mentorship and tutelage of Michelin Star Chefs experienced in Fine dining and fast casual dining;nutrition and Culinary instruction. Her insatiable curiosity and passion for fine dining allows her to blend fresh and bold ingredients with tactful culinary techniques to create nutritious, flavorful and artfully plated dishes often inspired by her caribbean roots.


Private chef services;Offered to private and corporate clients on demand meal preparation and  delivery based on dietary needs and preferences.


Catering services,menu creation and event production.Creates and produce custom menus for a variety of events large or small. Hire vendors, front of house and back of house help. Allocation of supplies, storage, distribution, management and retrofit of all materials required for the entire events platform.Oversee event production from conception to execution.


Nutrition coaching and meal planning services. Provides custom tailored meal planning services to private and corporate clients.Nutritional coaching and healthy eating initiatives developed for in home clients and corporate offices


Demonstrations and cooking classes. Providing cooking demonstrations and instruction of  simple,seasonal and gourmet meals that educate and inspire foodies,cooks and healthy eating enthusiast to shop local farmers markets and promote gourmet gastronomy.